Spain beckons residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and lively cities – drawing them in for exploration! To explore this European gem fully, UAE residents require a Schengen Visa; this article sheds light on its requirements and eligibility criteria to obtain one.

Schengen Visa

Schengen Visas are key travel documents granting entry into 26 European countries within the Schengen Area without needing additional visas. UAE residents travelling to Spain will find this visa invaluable as part of an unforgettable European adventure.

Eligibility Criteria

Before diving into the requirements, it’s essential to ascertain your eligibility:

Residence In UAE:

To initiate the Schengen visa application process from UAE, one of the first criteria must be to prove residency with a valid residency permit.

Purpose Of Travel: 

Before coming to Spain, be clear about why you are travelling, be it tourism, business, family visitation or attending an event – your visa type will depend on this purpose of travel.

Basic Requirements 

Fill out your Schengen visa application form Precisely inside Utilizing the Spanish consulate’s website in UAE, fill out an accurate Schengen visa application form.

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Before travelling abroad, ensure your passport remains valid for at least three months beyond its departure date, with at least two blank pages to accommodate visa stamps.


Attach recent passport-sized photographs according to Schengen specifications.

Present An Itinerary For Travelling: 

Provide a complete flight itinerary for visa, including flight and accommodation bookings. Preparing an itinerary for a visa interview requires great care to ensure it fits seamlessly with your intended travel plans and the reason behind your journey. Your itinerary should reflect all activities planned during your time in your destination country.

Travel Insurance: 

Secure travel insurance that offers at least EUR30,000 of coverage, which should include medical emergencies and repatriation services.

Proof Of Accommodation: 

Submit documents proving your accommodation arrangements during the entirety of your visit to Spain, such as hotel reservations or an invitation letter.

Financial Evidence: 

To demonstrate financial stability, provide bank statements or income certificates as proof or submit a sponsorship letter if someone else is financing your trip.

Specific Requirements, No Objection Certificate (NOC): 

UAE residents require a No Objection Certificate from their employer or educational institution as proof that travelling does not conflict with any obligations they have undertaken.

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Flight Reservation: 

Although not compulsory, securing a round-trip flight reservation demonstrates your intent to return to the UAE.

Application Procedure

For UAE nationals applying through the Spanish consulate in Dubai, an appointment and non-refundable visa fee will usually need to be scheduled and paid prior to beginning your application process.


A Spain Schengen Visa for UAE residents opens up the beauty and culture of Spain and the rest of the Schengen Area, providing access to its exquisite landscapes, rich history, vibrant lifestyle, and diverse landscapes. 

Ensuring all requirements are fulfilled is vital for an effortless application process – once secured, you’ll enjoy an incredible journey through Spain’s varied landscapes, vibrant history, and vibrant lifestyle!