YouTube comments are a very important part of your video’s success. If you want people to watch your videos, you need to make sure they have something interesting and unique to say about it. But what if you’re worried about being accused of buying fake or bot-generated YouTube comments? Well, don’t worry! It is possible for viewers to tell if someone has bought their YouTube comments or not by looking at the content on their channel page itself.

Viewers can tell if you have bought YouTube comments

Yes, viewers can tell if you have bought YouTube comments.

It’s all about the way your video looks on the internet. When someone uploads a video, they will want to share it with their friends and family so that they can see how great it is. But there are other people out there who might want to do something bad with this content so they can make some money from it! That’s why we need something like buying YouTube comments so that our videos don’t get stolen or copied by others who don’t care about sharing good things with others!

But how do people know whether or not someone has paid for an authentic-looking comment? Well, first off, there are certain signs which indicate that someone has purchased fake comments. 

Authentic comments look organic and natural compared to purchased comments

Authentic comments look more natural than purchased comments. When you see authentic comments, it’s because those people are posting their thoughts on YouTube. No one pays them to say things in the form of a video, and they’re not robots who are programmed to make videos and only respond with pre-written phrases like “You’re awesome.”

Authentic comments are also read more often by viewers than purchased ones. Purchased comments get clicked through less often than organic ones do—a good thing if you want views! But even if someone does click through your video, they’ll probably leave one or two words without reading past them before moving on to the next one. This means there’s less chance of your video being seen as an actual review rather than something more like: “Thanks for sharing this video! Here’s my opinion about it.” And since most people don’t want strangers commenting on their content (even though many times these are exactly what we need), authenticity matters here too—and so does having people read what someone else has written for them instead of just clicking through quickly so that maybe someday later when something else interests them enough again. 

More inclined to believe authentic comments 

Viewers are more inclined to believe authentic comments as they are posted by real people rather than by bots that generate fake comments. Authentic comments look like they came from a real person who is active on social media and YouTube. If you can get your hands on some authentic YouTube comments, you can use this information as proof that your video was viewed by many people and has been liked or disliked by viewers.

Buy real YouTube comments from a reliable provider 

If you want your video to be successful, make sure to buy real YouTube comments from a reliable provider like ​​that uses real accounts of active users to post your comments.

Real comments are better than fake ones because they can provide valuable insights into what viewers think about the product or service. This is especially true if there are negative reviews on the site, which could give you insight into what went wrong with your business or organization. Using this method, you will increase the chances that people will watch your video again and share it with their friends later on down the road when they have more time on their hands after work hours end each day at 6 pm sharp (or earlier).

Buying real YouTube comments doesn’t mean that all other types of marketing efforts should stop altogether; instead, continue using other forms such as email campaigns; for example – ensure those emails include links back to videos so viewers can find out more information about products/services offered by businesses here on our website!

Organic Youtube comments are better than the ones you bought

It would be best if you tried to avoid buying YouTube comments. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your videos, buying YouTube comments is not the best option. Buying YouTube comments will only damage your reputation as an influencer. It could lead to legal action from YouTube if someone accused you of being paid off or manipulated by some third-party company. That’s why it’s so important that we educate everyone about how organic views work on YouTube so they can get the most out of their channel without having any issues with other users down the road!


So, next time you upload a video and want more views, buy real YouTube comments. It’s better than buying fake ones that will only hurt your reputation.