Embroidery enthusiasts may encounter common errors while using the Ricoma MT-2001-8S embroidery machine. Here, we’ll discuss these issues and provide solutions to help maintain optimal performance:

Common Errors & Solutions for Ricoma MT-2001-8S Embroidery Machine

1. Thread Breakage:

Error: Thread breakage is a common issue that can disrupt the embroidery process and lead to incomplete designs.


  • Ensure the machine is threaded correctly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Use high-quality embroidery thread suitable for machine embroidery designs to minimize breakage.
  • Check the tension settings and adjust as needed to prevent excessive tension on the thread.

2. Needle Breakage:

Error: Needle breakage can occur due to various factors, including using the wrong needle size or inserting the needle incorrectly. Solution:

  • Use the appropriate needle size and type recommended for the fabric and thread being used.
  • Inspect the needle regularly for signs of damage or wear and replace it promptly if necessary.
  • Ensure the needle is securely inserted into the needle holder and tightened properly to prevent slippage.

3. Bobbin Thread Tension Issues:

Error: Inconsistent bobbin thread tension can result in uneven stitches and poor embroidery quality.


  • Check the bobbin tension settings and adjust as needed using the tension screw on the bobbin case.
  • Ensure the bobbin is wound evenly and inserted correctly into the bobbin case.
  • Clean the bobbin case regularly to remove any lint or debris that may affect tension.

4. Design Skipping or Misalignment:

Error: Design skipping or misalignment can occur when the embroidery design does not stitch out properly or is not aligned correctly on the fabric. Solution:

  • Ensure the embroidery hoop is securely attached to the machine and aligned properly with the design placement.
  • Check the design file for any errors or inconsistencies in embroidery digitizing, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Use proper hooping techniques to secure the fabric evenly and prevent shifting during embroidery.

5. Fabric Puckering:

Error: Fabric puckering can occur when the fabric is not properly stabilized or when the tension settings are too tight.


  • Use appropriate stabilizers to support the fabric during embroidery digitizing and prevent puckering.
  • Adjust the tension settings on the machine to achieve balanced tension between the needle and bobbin threads.
  • Experiment with different needle types and sizes to find the most suitable option for the fabric being embroidered.

Maintenance Tips to Maintain Machine Performance:

  • Clean the machine regularly to remove dust, lint, and debris that may accumulate during embroidery sessions.
  • Lubricate moving parts according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure smooth operation.
  • Conduct routine inspections of the machine’s components, including needles, tension discs, and bobbin cases, to identify any signs of wear or damage.

By addressing these common errors and implementing proper maintenance practices, users can ensure the reliable performance and longevity of their Ricoma MT-2001-8S embroidery machine while achieving high-quality embroidery results consistently.